do massage guns work?

And other burning questions

We know you're on this page because you've just learned about massage guns and you want to know whether these handy devices are bona fide or bogus.

Well, in this area we defer to the experts, researchers and professionals who have dedicated their lives to understanding the human body and recovery. Below are the resources we compiled for you.

Correy Pitts

Are Massage Guns Legit? Cutting Through the Hype

Correy Pitts - crossfit trainer

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Sean Simmonds Image

Have You Tried The Hydragun?

Sean Simmonds - physical therapist

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Synergy Health Image

The best way to complement a tough session in the gym

Synergy health

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Brad Jones

from a physio- therapist’s perspective

Brad Jones

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Run Oregon

Hydragun – Massage Therapy At Your Fingertips

run oregon

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