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Community Manager

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Do you love interacting with people and building personal relationships? Do you enjoy inspiring and positively impact people’s lives? Then this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

We are looking for a strong candidate to build a community of people who are passionate about peak performance and living their best lives.

Having a strong community is integral to our mission or empowering people to live their best lives. And as a community manager, you will be on the front lines directly interacting with them.


You will be responsible for creating a space online where like-minded people can gather to engage with each other and discuss ways to improve their lives and perform at their best. A community where people come to share habits, practices and routines to improve their day-to-day performance mentally and physically.

Your day-to-day tasks include:

  • Research and identify different platforms which we can build a community
  • Come up with a strategy to grow the community and engage them
  • Work with our creative team of writers, graphic designers and video editors to create content for the community
  • Manage and respond to comments on our social media posts with the appropriate brand voice
  • Gather knowledge which can be turned to content to educate and share with the community
  • Identify online spaces where other peak performers are and connect with them
  • Increase brand trust and positive brand perception
  • Answer community members questions
  • Look out for new platforms and opportunities that we can expand our community to
  • Keep up to date on relevant trends, news and updates in community building

Required Skills & Experience


  • Fluency in English reading, writing and comprehension skills
  • Excellent active listening skills
  • Highly organized and meticulous with a strong attention to detail, yet not nitpicky
  • Demonstrates strong critical thinking skills and able to display good judgement and decision-making
  • Able to solve problems creatively
  • Strong leadership and management skills with positive influence over others
  • Able to work autonomously and interdependently with the team without guidance or “hand holding”, yet not uncommunicative and operating in a silo
  • Demonstrates integrity and focuses on great customer experience
  • Able to communicate instructions and feedback clearly and directly
  • Able to accept feedback critically and apply with good judgement
  • Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability to changing work flows and responsibilities
  • Passionate about peak performance and actively works on improving their mental and physical performance consistently
  • Able to work within tight deadlines and meets or exceeds targets
  • Displays high social intelligence and empathy
  • Ability to learn and take on responsibilities quickly at a high level


  • Proven track record growing or moderating online communities
  • Good eye for and/or able to content that is high-quality and suitable for a global DTC brand
  • Strong passion and knowledge in marketing, branding and consumer behaviors
  • Familiar with relevant software and tracking tools to ensure smooth and seamless workflow
  • Very familiar with popular social media platforms


  • Bachelor’s degree with majors in Communication, Marketing, Business, or Economics; or equivalent work experience required 
  • Graduate from a reputable College or University, with honors/distinction is highly preferred


  • Self-starter. Have started personal projects and seen it to completion with relative success
  • Able to give and take feedback well
  • Does some form of exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Great leadership qualities
  • Have built an engaged online community for a global DTC brand
  • Remote working experience with a team

Our goal is to raise the overall talent density of our team. We're looking for team players who can work autonomously, without the need for continuous oversight, to plan and execute what is necessary to get us results.

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