Shape Singapore Takes HYDRAGUN on a Test Run

April 20, 2021
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“Magic Bullet for Chronic Aches"


When Singapore was placed under Circuit Breaker to help combat the spread of COVID-19, Shape Singapore’s Laine Ng took the opportunity to take up running. Unfortunately, that had the former PE teacher waking up at night with intense pain in her calves.

Ng admits to being “blessed with adaptable muscles.” She says toning and bulking up have never been issues for her. But the downside is she gets acute aches from the same muscles she worked on. She has tried various methods to alleviate the pain – from lacrosse balls to foam rollers, all with the same result. Or non-result.


HYDRAGUN is a locally founded percussive therapy device that is “like a lacrosse ball, foam roller and masseur all rolled into one.”

Leading healthy lifestyle media brand for women, Shape Singapore, received an advance unit a few days ahead of launch and Ng happily took it for a test run. While she usually does 10-15km runs, Ng challenged HYDRAGUN by going all-out and doing 21km. She used the massage gun before and after the run, during her cool-down stretches and anytime she felt muscle pain.

Ng’s first impression was that the product won’t work like a real massage. But she soon found out that the handy sports recovery device can do the things her lacrosse ball can and more.

Ng happily noted that with HYDRAGUN, “my calves didn’t act up as much as my shorter 10-15km runs.”

The following features particularly had Ng singing praises:

·        6 attachment heads

·        6 oscillating speeds

·        Noiselessness

·        Ease of Use

·        Reasonable Price

HYDRAGUN has 6 attachment heads that can be switched and swapped to address one’s needs. For Ng, this is especially beneficial because it allowed her to reach deeply-seated knots in her muscles and pound it away. She recommends using the round ball head for nagging knots and using the sharper one for trigger points. With the different speeds, one can work the device “as slowly and as steadily as you wish.”

Another plus point for HYDRAGUN is the ease of use. Using lacrosse balls sometimes feels like another workout session because one needs to exert extra force to make them work. There’s also a need to keep balancing the ball on the sore spot. Foam rollers are even worse for Ng as she feels like she “plank(s) through a foam roller session.” With HYDRAGUN, one only needs to aim at the spot needing work and press the start button. And it does so while remaining quieter than a 2-year-old fridge. “I get to watch my Netflix while easing the pain and soreness.”


Priced at S$399, HYDRAGUN is at least S$100 cheaper than the basic model of the leading American brand. And while there may be cheaper, off-brand versions in the market, Ng states those options often “felt like power drills, too raw and robust for my liking.”

Ng has since incorporated HYDRAGUN into her workout routine, using it before and after each 10km run. With this new addition, Ng even has the strength for gym time on her rest days. “It gives me great comfort, knowing help is at hand and I’m not 100 per cent reliant on a massage booking to fix my aches.” Minimal user effort, quickly accessible and cost-effective, HYDRAGUN truly is the next-generation recovery solution for gymmers, runners, fighters and anyone who wants to take their sport to the next level.

HYDRAGUN is available from 7 August 2020.

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