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Power Of Sports Athlete Feature: Alex Salihin

April 20, 2021
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“My experience with fitness had to do more with “survival of the fittest” rather than “fun”. - Alex Salihin

Alex Salihin is a man who refuses to accept the status quo. Choosing to head to the United States at 25 to find himself, Alex experienced being homeless in the big city and having to find ways to survive as being the focal point of life for a period of time. He shared with us that it was the darkest and most rewarding period of his life and he overcame it through grit and resilience. He credits fitness as the teacher that prepared him for life. 

“I was never a sporty person growing up; I used to hate P.E (Physical Education)! When I was 19 I signed on with the Army and made a career for a while, I found that I enjoyed the physical and mental stressors that came with the job. I think my experiences with fitness growing up had more to do with “survival of the fittest” rather than “fun”. Till today; I use fitness for that reason - to get ahead in whatever it is I’m involved in. You’ll never catch me doing random fitness regimes because they don’t do anything for me.” 

At 40, Alex is the founder of Level Singapore, a physical training studio, and places a strong emphasis on the sustainability of fitness.


"I let myself go when I was in my 30's; placing a lot of emphasis in building and running the businesses that I set up. I was eating and sleeping poorly, not managing stress nor setting healthy boundaries, training was slightly random and I did not understand where my hormones were sitting. The result? Constantly fatigued and grumpy, not really motivated to train properly, usually had some sort of injury on me, sat at around 25% body fat (that’s horrible for a guy in my profession) and I was generally unhappy with how I felt and looked."⁣


"When I was in my 20’s people who were then much older than me told me “Ah...wait till you get to my age (35 and up) & have kids - you’ll never be able to look half as good; you might as well give less of a shit because what’s the point” ⁣


"At 40, I am now feeling and looking better than I ever have in my 30’s and I am on a roll with helping people who are in the same boat as I was."

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