HydraGIVES : Young Athlete Gets SURPRISED By 5-Time Paddle Board World Champion

April 19, 2021
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Joe Collins is our selected HydraGIVES nominee for November 2020. He was nominated by one of our Hydragun collaborators Matt Bevilacqua.

Joe Collins is an up and coming Surf Ironman that has moved from NZ to the Gold Coast in QLD to chase his dream of making the professional Nutri Gain Series. “He is a great kid and thoroughly well-deserved.” Matt shared with the team at HYDRAGUN.

“I’ve been in the Ironman Series for 8 years now and from the experience I have learnt some lessons and I try to pass on to Joe.” Matt adds: “I have a similar background to Joe as I grew up in Hobart, Tasmania where it is also very cold and difficult to train to be a Surf Ironman. 

Participation numbers in the sport are low in Tasmania and New Zealand so it is hard to match it with the best in mainland Australia. However, we both share a passion and drive for our sport and I believe this is where sustained high level success comes from. “

***Update: Joe made pro iron man series last weekend, Nov 28-29,  and  the youngest to have made it in the series in years***

Congratulations Joe and thank you, Matt for sharing with us his story. Joe, we are proud to be part of your journey to becoming a Surf Ironman Champion. Cheers!


HydraGIVES is a community initiative by HYDRAGUN. Every month, we will give a free Hydragun kit to one deserving athlete who is passionate about his/ her sport. This is the first of our many planned initiatives to support more athletes in their sports journey.

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